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Croc encounters a smash box on Forest Island

Smash Boxes are a recurring type of box in the Croc games which appear in almost every level. The only way of finding out what is inside is by smashing it open, hence the name. The '?' that appears on the side faces reflects the fact that the player has no clue what is in the box until it is opened.

Contents of the boxes

The contents of smash boxes vary from level to level. This list shows what could be contained within the boxes.

If Croc has died during a level after opening a box with a Gobbo, Coloured Crystal or Life, the box will respawn but if opened will contain butterflies, which are non-interactive elements.


In Croc: Legend of the Gobbos, the smash boxes feature different artworks on the outside on each level, reflecting the theme of the island e.g. on Ice Island, the smash boxes are coloured blue and white, in Desert Island yellow and brown, but generaly they are red and yellow.

Smash Box Types in Croc: Legend of the Gobbos
Name Image
Forest Island Smash Box
Ice Island Smash Box
Desert Island Smash Box
Castle Island Smash Box
Cave Smash Box
Water Smash Box

Smash Box Types in Croc 2
Name Image
Normal Smash Box
Cave Smash Box
Ice Smash Box


  • Smash boxes are also called ? boxes or crates.
  • In the Tech Demo , Smash Boxes are just grey boxes in the Forest Island, and they are made out of ice in the Ice Island. 
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