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Croc 2 Prototypes

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This page is a list of all pre-release and prototypes of Croc 2.

Dumped Prototypes

These prototypes have been preserved and released to the general public.

Croc 2 - April 30 1999 Prototype


Released by Hidden Palace as part of Project Deluge. A later prototype with mostly text differences.

Croc 2 June 13 1999 Prototype


Released by Hidden Palace as part of Project Deluge. A very late prototype released 17 days before final.

Undumped Prototypes

These prototypes are known to have existed at some point, but currently have not been made available to the general public.

Croc 2 - Pre-July 1998

This prototype was showcased at E3 in May of 1998, making this the earliest known release.

The title shows as Croc II, and is the only known version of the game to do so. The playable level featured is a very early version of Croc Vs. Dantini Boat Race, where Croc instead rides on a raft through the level. Early monkey and ape enemies are present throughout.

Croc 2 - July 1998

Currently owned by lead Croc designer Nic Cusworth[1]. No details about the prototype are known as of now.

Croc 2 - April 28 1999

Currently owned by lead Croc designer Nic Cusworth[2]. No details about the prototype are known as of now.

Unknown Status

These prototypes are believed to exist, but there is no solid proof.

Croc 2 Sega Dreamcast Version

The Dreamcast version of Croc 2 was intended for release after the Playstation and PC versions, and was to add minigames, and a new village with presumably two more normal levels (as per "forty-two levels to play in total"). It is unknown if a prototype exists, but Jez San mentioned the port was "canned" implying development didn't get very far, if at all. It was officially cancelled in Autumn 2000, according to the Official Sega Dreamcast Magazine.

However, in posts made on Twitter by those working on the games, it was mostly just in talks. It confirms that the Cowboy Gobbos and by extension the Cowboy Village would have been present in this version, alongside a loop the loop minecart stage. Although a full prototype is unlikely to have existed, the posts suggests that level prototypes may have existed at some point. [3]

Croc 2 Sega Saturn Version

The back of the Sega Saturn manual touted a release for Croc II in Christmas 1998.[4] However, a Sega Saturn release never saw the light of day. It's unknown if any development was ever made.

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