Nice and Easy

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Nice and Easy
Island Forest Island
Type Normal
Enemies Tech Demo

Pelican x1

V0.12 Beta

1x Green Dantini

1x Rhino

2x Jumpy

2x Jonnie Bee Goode

1x Worm

1x Worm in a Well

Item(s) Tech Demo


V0.12 Beta


Red Crystals x2

Nice and easy is the first level in the Croc Tech Demo and the Croc V0.12 Beta. It is replaced in the final release by the level And so the Adventure Begins.


Tech Demo

Proceed forward, grabbing crystals if you need them. Leap onto the moving platform and use it to jump onto the raised platform, where you can save the first gobbo. Continue ahead and enter the door.

In this room, follow the path around, grabbing crystals and breaking Smash Boxes if you'd like. Near the end, you'll find another gobbo on a platform, so use the moving platform to reach him. Leave through the door ahead.

In this final area, turn right and leap onto the static green platform. Jump onto the bridge but move quickly, since it breaks after a while. Save the final gobbo at the end and turn around. This time, take the left path and exit through the door.

V0.12 Beta

Run ahead (ignore the green Dantini and Rhino, they won't hurt you) and save the gobbo on the stump. Leap up on the platform above to grab the S disguised as a crystal. Leap down and grab the B on the Smash Box. Defeat the Jumpy and go through the door to the next area.

Go forward, defeating another Jumpy. Use the left series of platforms to reach the O on a crumbling platform and save the gobbo at the end. Enter the door.

Here, take the right path first, avoid the worm and use the boulder to reach the bridge (that will crumble if you take too long on it). Use the bridge to save the third gobbo at the end, then return to the start of this area. Take the left path, defeat the Worm in a Well and leap down.

In this cave, use the crumbling platforms to reach the U. Smash the Smash Box to rescue another gobbo before you return.

Return to the first part of the level and enter the tree stump (this is being left until last, since sometimes the demo glitches up and the game auto-completes the level after doing this). In the cave, move forward and grab the N. Smash the box ahead of you to save another gobbo. Return to the last area in the game and enter the Bonus door.

Here, use the bridge just ahead to save the final gobbo on the other side. Return the way you came in, and hit the gong to complete the level.

Different versions

There are 3 versions of this level, the Tech Demo one, the v0.12 Beta one and the final release one.

Tech Demo

Room Contains Image
Number 1 Four Smash Boxes, a few Crystals an empty lava pool with some platforms over it, a Gobbo on the platforms and a Pelican flying over the platforms. 
Number 2 Three Smash Boxes, a few Crystals, four empty lava pits with platforms floating over them and a Gobbo on one of the platforms
Number 3 Two Smash Boxes, a few Crystals, a Gobbo, the exit door, two lava pools, one empty lava pit and an early version of the Red Bricks Platform which appears to be made out of wood.

V0.12 Beta

Room Contains Image
Number 1 A Smash Box, the letters B and S, a Giant Bee, a Popper, a Red Shack, a few White Crystals and a Red Crystal.
Number 2 Two Smash Boxes, a Gobbo (Inside a Smash Box), a Red Shack and the letter N.
Number 3 Two Smash Boxes, a Gobbo, a Giant Bee, a Popper, a few Crystals and some platforms floating over lava.
Number 4 A Burrowing Worm, an early verson of the Red Bricks, a Gobbo, a "Goal" gong, the Bonus Door and a Worm in a tree stump which unlike the final game can be killed.
Number 5 Four platform floating over a lava pit, a Smash Box with a Gobbo in it and the letter U.
Number 6 Some Crystals, a Gobbo, an early version of the Red Bricks and an unused tree model.

Final Release

Room Contains Image
Number 1 A Smash Box, the Red and Purple Crystal, a Giant Bee, a Running Dantini some White Crystals and a lava pool.
Number 2 Some White Crystals and three Smash Boxes all containig hearts.
Number 3 Two Smash Boxes, the Blue Crystal, some White Crystals,some platforms and some Fireballs.
Number 4 Some White Crystals, the Green Crystal, a Gobbo, a Smash Box and a lava pool with platforms over it.
Number 5 Two Smash Boxes, a Burrowing Worm, a Worm in a well, a Beany Gong and a Crystal Door.
Number 6 A few platforms, some White Crystals, two Running Dantinis, a Smash Box and the Yellow Crystal.
Number 7 Two Jellies, a Ballon, a Gobbo in a cage, a heart and a Beanny Gong.