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Today I got out one of me all time fav games, Croc: Legend of the Gobbos, one of the best games of the 90s in my opinion and played it again after last playing it in 2008 and the happy memories of me 1990s childhood came flooding back! The music, that cute little guy known as Croc, the fluffy little Gobbos and the evil Baron Dante and his minions and other villains, the scenery etc made this game one of me all time favs and made Croc one of me childhood heroes.

Croc 1 was on of the first games i got, along with Gex 3d: Enter the Gecko, who was another childhood hero and i loved it, i played it every day and still couldnt get enough, the game was that awesome i remember playing it as a young child nearly 15 years ago as if it happened last year. I did get Croc 2 but i didnt find it as good as the original though i still loved it.

Legend of the Gobbos was a blast from the past! A game made in the days when a great game was not judged by the amount of blood and swearing or the graphics but by how original it was. Croc and Gex are two of the reasons I proudly say "I love the 90s!". The 90s is definetly my fav decade, and Croc and Gex just made it that more awesome!