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Doors are found in almost every level in Croc: Legend of the Gobbos and Croc 2. They are usually used to go to a different part of the level.

In Croc: Legend of the Gobbos

Name Description Image

Regular Doors

These doors are found in almost every level and are brown, which open automatically when approached, to another part of the level.

Crystal Doors

Crystal Doors are found at the end of every normal level and require Croc to have collected all five Coloured Crystals from the level to enter. It always contains the sixth and final Gobbo and often contains a Crystal Door Challenge which Croc must complete to get the reward.

Locked Doors

Locked Doors are redish-brown with a padlock on it that can only be unlocked when Croc is carrying a gold Key.

Blocked Doors

In some levels, the game will not allow Croc to return through a door (usually a Crystal Door) once he has gone through.

Balloon Man Door'

This type of door is only found in the levels Dungeon of Defright and Crox Interactive. Croc must push the Inflated Creature to one door, and only one door, which he must then repeatedly jump on a green pump nearby to over-inflate it and break open the door. If Croc over-inflates it when not at a door, it will re-inflate.

In Croc 2

Doors are used to access levels and leave them, or proceed to another area. In some levels, such as 'Save the Ice Trapped Gobbos!', the door will initially be blocked off.

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