Lava Lamp Larry

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"Who are you?! Hmmm. Not look like Dantini!"
This article is about the level. For the character, see Lava Lamp Larry (Character).

Lava Lamp Larry
Type Guardian
Enemies None
Item(s) None
Village Cossack Village

Lava Lamp Larry is the second guardian level in Cossack Village. Despite the level name, the actual Guardian fought is the Firepit Monster, with Lava Lamp Larry being the Gobbo shop owner you rescue.


Once you achieve the required tasks, this stage begins automatically. There are four Lava Pits around the room. At one end of the stone path, an Ice Block will appear. It will be replaced whenever it is destroyed. The evil Firepit Monster that has taken over Larry's shop appears randomly from one of the Lava Pits, and either looks around with his arms spread out, or throws a Fireball at you from each hand. You want to position yourself so that one of the Fireballs hits the large Ice Block and partially melts it, while dodging both Fireballs yourself. You can push the Ice Block anywhere you like to make this easier. Once the Ice Block has shrunk, walk into it to pick it up, then carry it to any of the Pits and throw it in with [Square]. You may notice the puffs of steam that come out of the pits, forming the number '2' initially. This will change to '1' once you throw in an Ice Block, then the Pit will freeze over after you throw in a second Block. Repeat this for all four Lava Pits, and the stage will be complete.

You receive 100 crystals for you trouble, and your Heart Pots will also be completely refilled as a result.


File:Croc 2 (PC) - Cossack Village - Lava Lamp Larry


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