Caveman Secret 4

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Caveman Secret 4
Type Secret
Enemies Dantinis x5
Item(s) 1x
Village Secret Caveman Village

Caveman Secret 4 is the fourth level on the Secret Caveman Village. This level is where the Climb the Devil's Tower! level normally is in the normal Sailor Village.


You turn right and kill the dantini (you can put out the fire if you want but you don't have to), then if you don't have enough water you jump into the water to refill, then you put out the fire around the cage, then you climb up the wall and put out the fire on the bridge, then you cross the bridge and put out the fire around the tree, then you jump on top of the tree and get the key, then you turn around and return to the cage and open it. Once you've opened the cage you smash the platform box and then you climb up the wall again and cross the bridge again, you go past the tree, you kill the dantini and drop down to a lower part, then you kill the dantini and put out the fire, then you jump along the broken platforms and you reach the VIOLET CRYSTAL.


File:Croc 2 (PC) - Secret Caveman Village-1423490420


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