Cossack Secret 3

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Cossack Secret 3
Type Secret
Enemies x2 Fireballs
Item(s) None
Village Secret Cossack Village

Cossack Secret 3 is the third level on the Secret Cossack Village. This level is where the Save the Ice Trapped Gobbos! level normally is in the normal Cossack Village.


The first thing you see is a hallway, follow it. While following the hall way you must jump over lava pits and lava pits with platforms. Once you get out of the hallway, you will see three platforms and two fireballs swinging over the two platforms. You must time your jumps correctly so that you can avoid the fireballs. Once you get to the other side you will see another hallway, follow it. In the hallway you will have to jump over lava pits. Once you exit the hallway, you will see some platforms and some breaking boxes, you jump on the first breaking box and then on the first platform, then you turn right and jump on the next breaking box and platform and then you jump on the third breaking box and platform, once you reach the third platform, you turn left and jump on the breaking box and then on the ground. From there you walk forward until you reach the VIOLET CRYSTAL.


File:Croc 2 (PC) - Secret Cossack Village-1423490222


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