Sailor Secret 1

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Sailor Secret 1
Type Normal
Enemies x9 Dantinis
Item(s) x1
Village Secret Sailor Village

Sailor Secret 1 is the first level on the Secret Sailor Village.

This level is where the Find the Key! Save the Gobbo! level normally is in the normal Sailor Village.

The objective is to obtain the crystal.


The first thing you see is a bridge with a dantini on it, defeat the dantini and cross the bridge, then defeat the two dantinis on the other side of the bridge and turn left, then defeat the dantini and follow the path, then ignore the box in a cage (you'll come back to it later) and cross the bridge, then defeat the dantini and turn right, then go around the mountain, defeating the dantinis on the way. You will see a push box, you must push it to the mountain's direction and then once you've pushed it to the end you must triple jump on it so that you can reach a higher ground and take the key, then return to the cage and open it and smash the platform box, from there you will see a tree, go and triple jump to get on it and then follow the broken platforms to the top of the mountain, on there defeat the dantinis and take the RED CRYSTAL.


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