Sailor Secret 2

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Sailor Secret 2
Type Secret
Enemies x5 Dantinis

x1 Swinging Dantinis

Item(s) None
Village Secret Sailor Village

Sailor Secret 2 is the second level on the Secret Sailor Village.

This level is where the Find 5 Lost Treasure Chests level normally is in the normal Sailor Village.

The objective is to find the crystal.


The first thing you see is a minecart track, ignore it and go to the lava pit there you must jump on the bomb box and then on the platform killing the dantini, then you must jump over the three bomb boxes and land on the platform and kill the dantini, then you turn left and jump on the three bomb boxes and then land on the ground and kill the dantini. Once you've done that, you must walk through the hallway and then turn left, you will see a big lava pit with some platforms, you must jump on the first and kill the dantini, then you jump on the seccond and kill the swinging dantini and then use it's rope to swing to the next platform, then jump on the next platform and kill the dantini, then jump on the ground and get on the minecart, on the minecart track you will find the GREEN CRYSTAL.


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