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Cannon Boat Keith

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"Who are you?! Hmmm. Not look like Dantini!"
This article is about the level. For the character, see Cannon Boat Keith (Character).

1-B2 Cannon Boat Keith
Type Guardian
Enemies x13 Skeleton Dantini
Village Sailor Village

Cannon Boat Keith is the second Guardian Level of Sailor Village in Croc 2. To unlock it, Croc must complete all stages in Sailor Village, including winning the boat race and defeating Soveena the Squid.


This stage starts automatically at the end of the previous one, after a short FMV. Note that the Baron's 'Wanted' poster of Croc is the cover art from the first game.

Follow the tunnel, collecting the crystals as you go, including those above the Lava Pits as you jump over them. As you approach an area with a red starfish imprinted in the ground, two Skeleton Dantinis will drop in on you. They don't pose much threat (which makes sense, as they're dead), so swipe them out of the way and continue. After two more Skeleton Dantinis that you first see as piles of bones, get the crystal above the crate before you smash the latter, then keep jumping over Lava Pits. On the far side of the second, a Skeleton Dantini will drop in, so stick to the left side until he appears.

Hey, nobody calls us tearaways and gets away with it! (?) There are three jetties in front of you, each with a Cannon at its far end. On your way up to each, watch out for Skeleton Dantinis dropping in on you (you can see their dots of shadows on the ground before they appear), and jump over any sections that have been knocked out by Keith's cannons. Do a tail swipe on your Cannons to fire them, then return to solid ground and repeat at another jetty. Remember too that you can swim, so don't worry if you fall off a jetty. Just return to shore and try again. After the third hit, you receive 50 crystals in reward for Keith's defeat.

At this point, you can go to Swap Meet Pete to be transported to the next Village. You can also jump into the now-open hole in the beach, where you find yourself at the end of this stage (which is the same point as the start of this Village) to replay this stage. Or, and what we suggest, you can enter the Golden Gobbo Door for this Village's secret stage...