Clouds of Ice

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Clouds of Ice
Island Ice Island
Type Secret
Enemies 2x Husky Doo

2x Devil Dantini

Item(s) x38


Clouds of Ice is the first secret level of Ice Island. It is open to those who have collected the 6 Gobbos from the previous three normal levels The Ice of Life, Be Wheely Careful and Riot Brrrrr.

There are no Gobbos in this level as with all secret levels, and this is where the third of eightJigsaw Pieces is located at the end of the level used to unlock the secret Crystal Island.


Follow the icy cliff path. Shortly after the Dog, you cross a series of cycling platforms moving toward you high and away from you low. Jump onto one when close, then jump up to a higher one as it approaches you (if you don't, it'll knock you off the low platform), then jump across the high ones to reach the other side. Next, there's a pair of moving platforms, but you just need to hop from one to the next. Enter the door after smashing the last crate just ahead.

Hop up the ice bridge and slide down the other side, jumping and whacking the Devil Dantini at the end. Keep following the path. After the moving platforms, you have to jump over to a Devil Dantini standing on a crate. It's tricky to get over there without getting hit. He'll fire if you're standing on the side of the crumbling platform closest to him.The best way is to jump to the crumbling platform landing on the half of it closest to the Devil Dantini, then jump straight up as he fires to go over the snowball, then immediately jump over to him and stand by the crate (he can't shoot downward. When it's safe, hop up and tail attack him. Make your way to the exit via the crumbling platform. Through the door, hit the Red Button and swing your way to the last Smash Box for a Heart, then, collect the Jigsaw Piece to finish the level.




The following tracks are played in this level:

  • Track 20 "Ice Island 2"
  • Track 28 "Ice Island 7"
  • Track 21 "Ice Island 3"



File:Croc Legend of the Gobbos (PC) - Island 2 Secret 1 (Clouds of Ice)


Yippee! An image gallery for subject is available at Gallery:Clouds of Ice.


  • This is the first level which a Devil Dantini is seen on top of a Smash Box. You can tail-attack the Smash Box and he will be defeated
  • This is the shortest normal level of the game, as it only features three areas.